Bureau of the U.E.M.S. Section of Medical Microbiology

PRESIDENT:     Prof. Hilpi Rautelin (since 2012; renewed 2016)   
SECRETARY:     Prof. Franz Allerberger (since 2015)
TREASURER:     Prof. Katja Seme  (since 2017)   

Each mandate lasts for four years and may be renewed only once in the same position. To ensure continuity in the Sections work, Presidents and Secretaries are elected alternatively every two years.


Working party for a European Exam in Medical Microbiology

CHAIR:  Assoc. Prof. Truls Leegaard (since 2017)    

LIASON OFFICER to Section of Infectious Diseases:

Assoc. Prof. Truls Leegaard (since 2013)

LIASON OFFICER to Section of Laboratory Medicine:

Dr. Daniela Marchetti (since 2017)


Officer for accreditation: Dr. Daniela Marchetti (since 2008)
Officer for e-learning: Dr. Arzu Sayiner (since 2018)

LIASON OFFICERS to Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) in Infection Control

Dr. Maeve Doyle and Dr. Breida Boyle (since 2017)

Truls Michael Leegaard
Katja Seme
Daniela Marchetti
Breida Boyle
Breida Boyle
Dr. Maeve Doyle
Dr. Maeve Doyle
Dr. Arzu Sayiner
Dr. Arzu Sayner


Prof. Dr. Hilpi Rautelin, President Section of Medical Microbiology
University of Uppsala and Uppsala University Hospital
Clinical Microbiology
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 17
SE-75185 Uppsala, Sweden
phone: +46 18 6119614; fax: +46 18 559157

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